11 Incredible Humans With Real Superpowers- Jaw Dropping, Eye Popping!

Even when scientific breakthroughs are helping us perform feats we couldn’t even have dreamed of just a few decades back, there’s a consensus that humans as a species is nowhere near its full potential. These incredible humans with real superpowers may shed light on the immense potential that lies inherent- in one form or another, in all of us.

1. Wim Hof- The iceman

Wim-Hof-_-Source : redbull.comSource : redbull.com

The idea of taking an ice-bath may sound like something you might consider only after an extremely long drinking session. But for Wim Hof it’s something he can pull off in his sleep. Well, maybe not in his sleep but he certainly doesn’t require the ‘backing’ of spirits to attempt anything like that. Due to his incredible ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures Hof holds the world record for the longest ice bath. That’s in addition to the twenty one Guinness World Records to his name.

2. Kevin Richardson- the lion whisperer

Kevin-Richardson-_-Source: polymx.comSource: polymx.com

Already a legend among wildlife enthusiasts, Kevin Richardson makes us rethink about the possibilities of animal-human relationship. And we are not talking about petting dogs here. The man has an uncanny ability to understand animals in the wilderness that he has helped him befriend lions, hyenas and cheetas. As a testimony to the intimacy of his relationship with the animals, he walks, plays and sometimes even catches some shut-eye with them.

3. Ben Underwood- locating things using sound

Ben-Underwood-_-Source: thespiritscience.comSource: thespiritscience.com

Not every super-power is inborn. Some are carefully developed, as is the case with Ben Underwood. When Ben was two years, he was diagnosed with retinal cancer as a result of which his eyes were removed at age three. Determined not to succumb to the blackness, Ben began to develop the ability to detect the precise location of an object with the aid of clicking noises  he made using his tongue. Using this ability, Ben involved in activities including running, basketball, bicycle-riding, football and skateboarding. In 2009, when he was sixteen, the cancer claimed the life of this incredible human.

4. The Tibetan monks who change their body temperature using their minds

ôGarthö-monks-of-Tibet-_-Source: ourtimeout.comSource: ourtimeout.com

Whether this ability will help them do away with sweaters in extreme winter is debatable. But the “Garth” monks of Tibet have the ability to change their body temperature solely with the power of their mind. A variation in body temperature of up to eight degree Celsius is possible this way.

5. Natasha Demkina – X Ray vision

Natasha-Demkina-_-Source: thespiritscience.comSource: thespiritscience.com

This young Russian will give Superman a run for his money since, like the superhero she can see through people’s flesh.

6. Harold Williams- The man who knows not one, not two but 58 languages

Harold-Whitmore-Williams-_-Source: wikipedia.orgSource: wikipedia.org

Harold Williams was the foreign editor of The Times. His ability to speak a whopping fifty eight languages might sound like fiction. But the thing is, if you wanna make a snide remark about Williams to a friend in his presence in your own language, you better think twice.

7. Daniel Browning Smith – Rubber boy

Daniel-Brown-Smith-_-Source: lolwot.comSource: lolwot.com

Daniel Brown Smith is the closest we have to Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic Four. The host of Stan Lee’s Superhumans in the History Network, Smith is also a trained contortionist who, with his ultra-flexible body perfroms feats of mind-bending body- twistings.

8. Rathakrishnan Velu- “King Tooth”

Rathakrishnan-Velu-_-Source: memorise.comSource: memorise.com

Well, here’s one gent who can smirk at toothpaste brands. For Rathakrishnan Velu of Malaysia has pulled a seven-coach train with a steel rope one end of which was tied to the train and the other clamped between his teeth.

9. Stephen Wiltshire- The artist with photographic memory

Stephen-Wiltshire-_-Source: evelynofosu1310393.wordpress.comSource: evelynofosu1310393.wordpress.com

There are plenty of artists out there who make paintings of cityscapes. What makes Stephen Wiltshire stand apart is the fact that he does the same with just a single glance at the scene he has to draw. Just one glance and everything- the crack on the sidewalk, the flock of birds flying in the distant sky, the hilt of the skyscraper glinting in the sunlight-everything, is recorded in Wiltshire’s brilliant memory.

10. Tim Cridland- Speedy healing

Tim-Cridland-_-Source: cartman.comSource: cartman.com

If ever scientists require a good prototype to build Wolverine- the fast healing  superhero from X-Men, Time Cridland is the man. Not only does he not feel any pain even if you slice directly through his muscle tissue, he doesn’t lose any blood in the process in addition to healing rapidly.

11. Ma Xiangang- Mr. Electro

Ma-Xiangang-_-Source: fatosdesconhecidos.comSource: fatosdesconhecidos.com

How cool is it to be immune to electric shock? That’s the beautiful ability that Ma Xiangang possesses who can also turn on a light bulb by touching it while simultaneously being in contact with a power source.

While most comic books are the result of strong imagination, the existence of humans with real superpowers is a facet that we need to ponder on to truly get the idea that truth is stranger than fiction.

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