Guy Asking Random Girls For Kisses And His Back Out Plan On Rejection Is Super Perfect, Video Goes Viral

How many times have you proposed in your life? Perhaps you are too shy or too scared for the rejection. But have you ever wondered how nice would it have been if you had a backout plan? A plan where you could just walk away as nothing really happened.

We all have such friends, or sometimes even we ourselves hesitate to say our ‘DILL KI BAAT’ to the one we like. Well, in this video, this guy just shared a very awesome trick which can be implemented by all of us to express ourselves without the fear of any embarrassment. Have a look at it.

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Wasn’t that an amazing trick. All you just need is a Bluetooth and you are ready to take your chances on flirting with girls (not harassing the hell out of them). What are your views about the video, share it in the comment section below.