I Feel So Lonely Inside Without A Girlfriend How Do I Over Come This

I think this article can help atleast someone with the same issue.

  • Pick up a bag, toss in some snacks and get out of your home.
  • Walk up to a temple or a mosque early in the morning, it doesn’t matter if you believe in god or not. Sit on the cold marble floor, feel the chills of the crisp wind against your skin, close your eyes and enjoy the blissfulness, the serenity, the calm around you.
  • Spend as much time there as you like. Once done, go to the most popular eatery or snacks shop in your city and have a hearty breakfast.
  • Walk for around an hour or more across the city. Don’t bother turning on the internet to let the notifications distract you. Plug in your earphones, play your favorite songs and walk around carefree, observing the commotion, the hullabaloo in the market place, people rushing to their jobs, busy bargaining and barking early in the morning. See them push their limits as they try to make something better out of their daily lives- a vegetable grocer who wishes to provide meal to his family that evening, a jeweler dashing to his store as the customers are already lining up, kids bunking their classes to enjoy some freedom, a beautiful woman walking by, smiling playfully seeing you lost in your own world.
  • Go to a theater of your choice, buy a single ticket for the middle seat in the theater. Munch your popcorn while others will wonder as to why you came to watch a movie all alone.
  • After a hopefully fantastic movie, go to the most popular spot in your city. Go sit there all alone. While all the couples around you will be busy engaging in their squeamish talks, look at the crimson sun setting into the sea from afar. Close your eyes to capture that sight into your mind. Feel the sea breeze against your skin. Before opening your eyes- smile.
  • Have a hearty dinner, maybe a large pizza from Domino’s to make your day..
  • Go back home, start your internet and realize the difference.

You don’t need to have a girlfriend just because your friends are all rushing into relationships.

You will have a girlfriend when you will meet the right one.

You feel lonely inside? Talk to someone, speak with a stranger, meet new people. You don’t need a girlfriend to make you not feel lonely.You don’t need a girlfriend to find peace while meditating in the morning. You don’t need a girlfriend to watch a movie. You don’t need a girlfriend to drown in the beauty of the setting sun. In fact you don’t need a girlfriend at all.

You deserve a girlfriend and when you strive hard to to get the things you deserve, it becomes worth it. So wait a little while and hold onto your patience. The right one is out there wondering the same.


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