It wasn’t an easy job at all and there were days Where I even went to work without sleep

If you truly want to be respected by the people you love, you must prove them that you can survive without them.A girl from a middle class family but an open minded and sporting family who always supported me.However ,I did not continue my studies after OLEVEL from convent BM.There were few reasons,First I didn’t want to trouble my father who is a Lorry driver since I was young and till now he is .Secondly, I wanted to be independent and continue my studies on my own.I was a girl who did not go anywhere far without my parents except to school.

Now I’m a part of the international carrier flying crew.But I have no idea how am I living a crew life for the past 5years.Initially,i wanted to be a stewardess so that I can save money and take a part time course. Unfortunately, for the first two years of flying I couldn’t save much as i had to support my family.After my second year,I passed my interview in SIA and I came to know the real meaning of being a crew. Long haul flights, layovers, different time zones, and destinations.It wasn’t easy as I thought. While everybody was sleeping i had to get ready for the flight,I had to force myself to sleep no matter Day or night .I had to feed myself according the GMT of the country.I even forget to eat sometimes.I faced passenger who had a lot of demands.It wasn’t an easy job at all and there were days Where I even went to work without sleep and looking at pax snoring in front of me while taking off.There were days I curse and swear the pax but smiling at he/she.

Till now,I still serve everyone onboard and be the last to have my meal ,most of the time I don’t even take my meals.But keep this all aside,I started to love flying more maybe because I don’t face the same passenger and colleagues on my daily flights.

I learned to travel but it wasn’t extreme,till I meet my dear friend one day who taught me to be a traveler not a tourist.Traveling is an addiction for me now.Backpacking is an infection.Taking nice pictures is my hobby.I also started to take my part time course now in Singapore.Even though it’s a little late but not too late when im standing on my own with some support from the loved ones


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