“Ours is a love story which you usually find in Bollywood movies…

“Ours is a love story which you usually find in Bollywood movies, or you can say it is a very filmy love story with lots of twists and turns in it. We both used to study in the same college. It was in the beginning of second year, when we came to know each other through a common friend. Gradually we became very good friends and started having lunch together in college. One fine day, he came running towards me outside the college and handed over a gift to me and ran away. I went home and opened that gift and there were 28 hand written cards where he had expressed his feelings for me. The very next day I went up to him and said that I only see him as a good friend, nothing more. After that incident, he stopped talking with me and started avoiding me and that was the time when I realised that I was missing him and his company. Somewhere down the line, I also wanted to express my feeling to him but couldn’t do the same.. and I thought that after a few days my life would go back to normal but it didn’t, so I finally confessed my fellings to him but I said that we won’t have any future together as my parents won’t approve of our marriage as I belong to Marwadi community and he was a Brahmin. Before going ahead with the relationship he told me that his financial condition was not stable and he was struggling to make his ends meet while on the other hand I belonged to a rich family so he asked me whether I was willing to be with him. And my answer was YES. So without thinking of the future we just started spending time together and with every passing day our love for each other kept growing. And you know what? When you are in love, there comes a phase when you just want to spend the rest of your life with that paticular person and you are ready to fight all the battles just to be with that one person. We wanted to get married but I knew that my parents wouldn’t approve of it but he insisted that I should confess about our love to my family but I was scared. So we had decided that if nothing will work out then we will run away. So he started all the preparation for marriage, that incase if we have to run away then we must be prepared. At the same time, my family arranged my meetings with few boys for marriage. Somehow my elder brother came to know about us and my brother immediately called him and asked him to stop seeing me and stop following me or else he will end up in jail. And for few days we had no communication as there were no cell phones during that time. He would often give blank calls on my landline and give wrong number calls but still it didn’t work out. So he came up with an idea to put up different duppatas on my room window to know the atmosphere in our house. Red duppata meant Danger, Green Duppata meant everything’s well and Black Dupatta meant let’s runaway. He would daily check this indication through the terrace of an opposite building and it went on for few days and finally one day I indicated black duppata and we finally decided to run away and get married. And now the actually story begins. We got married at Borsad, which is few kilometers from Ahmedabad and we had booked three rooms in a hotel in Ahmedabad but somehow we didn’t go to that hotel and instead stayed at a friend’s place. By evening my family came to know that I had run away. My family was rich and powerful. Once they started searching for me, They captured his house by sending 15-20 cars all full of goons. They started to catch all our friends and beat them up in the hope that they will tell them where we were. They vacated the entire hotel we were going to stay in, in the hope of finding us. The very next day we rushed to Bombay and stayed there for a day or so but the hotel expenses in Bombay started biting us and it was tough to survive there so we came to Vadodara. Unfortunately, they got a hint that we are in Vadodara so they started searching all the hotels in Vadodara too. There were goons everywhere behind us. The only thing they wanted was to get me back home. Later many prominent and big names from our city got involved in this matter and tried to solve it but to no avail. And finally, they decided to stop everything but, they told that for them their daughter was dead. This went on for some time. However, within a month everything was back to normal and my family called us and even accepted us. Till date I am struggling to get love from some of my extended family members but one thing we know is that if we are together then we can win over the worst. Many people around us had predicted that we won’t be able to survive this marriage but look! Here we are! It has been two decades and today we have everything we’d asked for.
All over the years we have had our ups and downs but everytime he hugs me or holds my hand for no reason at all, I realise that you’ve got to take that one leap of faith to know that true love exists. It has been more than two decades of our marriage and still everytime I look into his eyes I fall in love with him again and again.

Any Message ?

Look, whatever we did was the most immature thing, so through this post we are not encouraging youngsters to take such steps but all we are saying that if you truly love someone and the other person also loves you back, then try to convince your parents instead of using this shortcut of running away. Remember one thing that love conquers over everything. “

Via Humans Of Amdavad

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