That temporary pleasure is permanently injuring your body parts

“My father used to play Table Tennis, so watching him play that game I always wanted to play the game for the state as well as for the country. Soon I started playing the game and within few years I had a room full of achievements and was one of the best and the youngest player in the state. Meanwhile I was also a very good artist and have made many portraits. During my college days I met with an accident and lost my right thumb and it was the same time when selection for the nationals was going to happen, but unfortunately all my dreams to play the game got perished as doctors said that for next few years I won’t be able to play the game anymore. Table Tennis was going to be my profession but God had other plans for me so soon I joined computer classes and did some short term courses on Graphic Designing. I became a graphic designer and for eight years I worked for many different companies and then started my own venture. Over the years I have worked with many International companies and big corporate houses. Last year I even received The Governor Award for the best graphic designer. It was like I was living my dream, everything was perfect but life had some unexpected surprises for me. One day, suddenly a pain started in my wisdom tooth so initially I ignored it but even after many days the pain didn’t go and it was more like a bone pain so I went for some raw scans and tests for my teeth and jaw and took that reports to my doctor and he suggested me to do some more tests. By this time I knew that something was wrong, so once the new reports came I again went to the doctor, after seeing my reports he recommended me a cancer surgeon. I visited that cancer surgeon with my wife and my younger brother and seeing my reports he immediately said that I am diagnosed with second stage cancer. Hearing this my wife and brother started crying like anything, and I was also shaken to the roots but my immediate question was that ‘What Next?’ Doctor said that I would have to undergo a commando surgery and that’s the only way to save my life. Being a human I couldn’t believe in what was happening so within 4 days we met 15 best Oncologists of the city and everybody had the same view that I had very less time and I should undergo a commando surgery. It was hard for me to accept the reality, but finally I decided to go for the surgery. I celebrated my birthday with my whole family and after few days I went for the surgery where my infected left jaw was to be removed and it was going to be replaced by the pictorial muscles of chest. My surgery lasted for 5 hours and I was declared safe and cancer free. The very next morning I went to washroom and I saw my face in the mirror and I was shocked, I was not ready to accept that my whole face has changed and I decided not to see my face again. The very same day doctor visited me and said that now you will never be able to lift your left hand up and will never be able to play Table Tennis again. Although not as a profession but still as a passion I used to play Table Tennis but now that too was also taken away from me. But somewhere in the back of my mind I was determined that I will play Table Tennis again. So after 15 days of my surgery when my Chemotherapy and Radiation sessions started, on the other side I started practicing Table Tennis. And believe me Chemotherapy and Radiation are the worst parts of cancer, you loose all your hair, you can’t eat and the worst thing is that your body becomes weak to that level where you can’t even move. Every morning I would vomit out bottles and bottles of blood, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t walk without support but still I would practice Table Tennis everyday for hours. And finally after few months of preparation I was ready to play my first match and the moment I entered to play the game there was a loud cheer and standing ovation from my fans and followers and that was the moment which boosted my confidence. I only won one match in that game and after few months I played in Khel Mahakumbh and stood at eighth position. Currently I am practicing for National which is going to be held in January next year and I hope to win that match. I hope my story will inspire millions of people out there. From playing Table Tennis for the state to loosing my thumb to becoming a graphic designer to surviving a second stage cancer to playing again for the country I have come a long way and it was only possible due to the support of my family.

Any Message?

I shared my story with your readers because of two reasons. Firstly, please ‘Don’t smoke’ and ‘Chew Tobacco’, that temporary pleasure is permanently injuring your body parts and the suffering is very bad and due to you your family also has to go through a lot of bad times. The journey after cancer is really very painful so please don’t smoke cigarettes and don’t chew tobacco and pan masala. Secondly, if you are diagnosed with cancer then don’t give up, its not the end of life. Accept it and go for the treatment, don’t wait because we always have less time with us. And if anyone wants any kind of moral or physical help in cancer then I am always ready to help and motivate them.”

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