The list is too long sir but it was just the other day

“Ours is a very old association with Ahmedabad. I live in Lucknow and every year during this time I come to Ahmedabad with my family to earn money by making manjha. This is our family business, every year we come to the city from December to mid of January and prepare manjha for Uttarayan festival. Preparing a manjha is very tough as one has to use the broken glasses and chemicals to make the rope strong and we aren’t using any gloves or any precautionary materials, so at the end of the day there would be lot of scars on the hands and it would bleed a lot but again this is part of our job. I do feel bad that because of this manjha many birds die but this is the only source of our income as we earn only during Uttarayan. Once we return back to Lucknow we have to work as unskilled labour and there isn’t much to earn in that. Over the years our business in the city has increased due to Ahmedabad hosting the Kite Festivals. The people here are really beautiful and lovely. I just wish that people keep on enjoying festivals here and celebrate life like they have always been doing.

What’s the best thing about the city?

The list is too long sir but it was just the other day when I visited Riverfront with my family and it is one of the best thing I saw in our country.”