This Woman Has Dared to Face The Camera After Her Cousin Threw Acid On Her Face

23-year-old Sapna, who resides in Delhi, was walking from school to office when two bike-borne assailants came close and splashed acid on her. She was not one to step back, instead, she kept her pain aside and ran behind them. She succeeded in pulling off the scarf that one of the assailants had covered his face with.

She saw the face of her cousin who had proposed her some days ago. He was the one who threw acid on her face because she had wanted to focus on her career instead of marrying him. Also, she didn’t want to marry her cousin. 


Sapna had been studying at a Government school and working part time. Her 10 years older cousin sought her hand for marriage. She, however, did not relent. When he responded to her rejection with acid, she initially didn’t tell her family that her own cousin had tormented her, fearing a family dispute.

However, she eventually realised that her silence would only empower her vicious cousin and another girl would become vulnerable to such treatment. She subsequently divulged his identity to her parents.

He was let go after he bribed the police with ₹10,000. However, Sapna’s persistence to bring her abuser to justice led him all the way to jail. 

Representative Image | iStock Photo via Getty Images

She now seeks a job. She wants to be self-sufficient and who other than us, as a responsible society, is gonna help her with that? Let’s share her story of courage and resilience and make sure that she lands a sufficing job. Let’s help the NGO Make Love Not Scars encourage more women like Sapna, through our collective support as a responsible society. 

Here’s why Sapna didn’t write her story down but came out and spoke into the cameras, to all of us: