Where I look at people my age, seeing them go through so much

I am an open book with no motive in life. As a teenager, I have the heart and soul to live my teen years to my utmost.
Although I haven’t faced relationship problems, my heart has still been broken one too many times, but nevertheless, I have learned how to look past beyond all of that and move on, to a point where I realised that ” _Love_” is very subjective and it’s not always about boyfriends and hopeful infatuations.
My parents are very hard working like every parent would be; to meet the needs of two daughters is not very easy in a city like Bangalore, but they did have their expectations from me.
When I was studying in the 11th grade, there happened to be so many things that happened to me most of which I for one couldn’t handle or mentally digest. The summer after, I was under depression because I had to move to another school to do my 12th grade for circumstantial reasons.
From being that happy, funny, hyperactive girl that I was, I turned into a more of a low-key state of person.
There was one horrible night in which I could never forget. My parents verbally abandoned me because I used to be angry and frustrated most of the time, and on that night I was compelled to take my life as it was too much for a mere sixteen year old girl to handle. After then, I realised that if I gave up, I would be nothing but a simple loser, going no where in life, but I didn’t want that for me. I didn’t want to give up and become a loser, but rather persevere and be a winner to myself and prove to my down siders that I am not weak.
Where I look at people my age, seeing them go through so much, I keep telling myself that I didn’t even go through the brim of it all. But looking back and acknowledging the fact that I had my parents and friends for my support just gives me great happiness.

I haven’t achieved much, unlike the smarter people out there, but I do know this: I have a pretty pleasant life which God has given me, and right now, when I look at myself from two years ago, I’ve realised that I am immensely stronger than I was ever before.


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